Our Mission

Assessment of mental health problems, psychosocial stressors, basic needs, diagnosis, care, prevention, mediation, conflict management and restorative justice in case of need between victims and perpetrators



IPM-International was created on December 16, 2000 under the name of Institute of Psychotraumatology and Mediation for Africa (IPMA). But in 2004, the General Assembly on the position of the executive committee chaired by the founding President, Dr med. Issack Biyong, the name of IPM-International had been adopted by the majority, due to the growing need for better mental health services for victims of psychological trauma in Switzerland and around the world. In addition, in the CPMs of IPM-International, the care of victims of conflicts came from all parts of the world, following wars and ethnic, tribal or religious conflicts, exile, torture, physical violence and sexual, to natural disasters, or following pandemics, etc.

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